A New Orleans-based artist (visual, text, performance), ritualist & deathworker, I am a Diana’s Grove-trained priestess, a Reclaiming witch & teacher, a secular Buddhist, and a Hekatean sorcerer. I am interested in wholeness, paradox, courage, silence, and honest, skillful speech as potent magical tools. I believe in the necessity of community and the resilience of solitude, and in the alchemy of blending both.

My beloved topics are dual-voice trance, end-of-life navigation, aspecting & ritual presence, and art as magical activism. More about that on my website.



A musician, sex worker alumni, make-up artist, feminist, and mother, I am an anarchist witch based in New York, and walking many disparate paths. It is here, in the between, the liminal places that delineate an edge, that I believe the most potent magic lies. Medusa is my patron deity, and I am a devotee of fireside chats, the brilliance of carnivals, the silence of cemeteries, the cool clarity of starlight and the nuance of cognitive dissonance. A ritualist practicing and teaching in the Reclaiming tradition, I am most drawn to work that forces us to examine our most jagged edges. Where there’s fear, there’s power.

Favorite topics include: sacred sound and medicinal self-expression, personal and cultural shadow work, Mono No Aware*, sex work, and the juxtaposition of science and spirituality. Those interested can read more about my sex work & activism at my blog, Body of Indulgence

*Mono No Aware: Japanese concept describing an appreciation for the impermanence of all things.