We are developing online-accessible content and trainings to allow us to offer, here, some of the work we have been offering, individually and together, in person at camps and workshops. Below are some of the topics we find most fascinating. As we expand the content available here, you’ll be able to click through on the title of each for more details.

The Necessary Monster

The signature work of our partnership. Reclaiming an ancient understanding of the “job” of the monster empowers us to wield the tools of Fear and Desire in service to our values, intentions, and our own radical agency. We call this cultural shadow work. Learn how Monstrosity is in service to evolution…

Dual Trance

A specific ritual technique that makes space for individual experience in community (inclusive!), honors ambiguity and invokes agency to circumvent resistance. You probably think you know the whats, whys and hows of this technology. We think there is a lot more (and less!) to it than you’ve been taught…

Sound & Silence

We assert that it is the witch’s job to say all the words, make all the sounds, tell all the truths, welcome and unwelcome, beautiful and terrible. We assume that all of us have had this most potent piece of our human magic hampered: we’ve been told we must be silent when in fact we should speak. We’ve been told we must speak when in fact we should be silent. What would it be like if every sound you made was exactly what the universe needed to hear?